Welcome to Youth @ City. The Youth area of the Club is comprised of the U14s, U15s and U17s. It doesn’t matter if you have done surf club since you were a Nipper or this is your first time, our programme caters for all abilities. The objectives of our Youth programme follow those of the Club – ‘One Club, One Community’. The Youth Committee believe in providing a safe environment where our Youth members can experience as many aspects of the surf club as possible. We provide many opportunities around fitness, fun, friendship, leadership, development and community service.


Come down and meet the dedicated team of people that run our Youth Program. Learn more about their background and what they bring to our Youth program. Feel free to reach out to the team with any questions you may have.

If you have any queries about any aspect of our youth program send an email to our team on or contact the office on

How We Communicate to You
If you are on Facebook, please search for our group because lots of information gets put on there in between the weekly newsletters. The Facebook group is closed and you have to ask to join, so search for City SLSC Youth. As we send a weekly email, we would like to have the Youth member’s email address (if they have one) so they can start taking responsibility for themselves. We also like to have the parents involved so your email address is important to us.
Sunday Youth Activities

Sunday is the day where the whole club comes together. Youth activities will commence each Sunday at 9:00am for the Club Meeting in the Courtyard followed by the Club Swim. The Club Swim is an important club activity that we encourage all Youth to participate in. There are different course lengths for those that may want to do a short or longer swim.

After the Club Swim, there are planned activities designed to improve fitness, surf and beach skills, whilst having fun. Each Sunday is different but some of activities are the Youth Relays, Champion Lifesaver competition, Amazing Race, a visit to SurfCom and our Wellness Day.      


For all members from last year, registrations are due now for the new season. You need to be a member to attend ANY club activities such as training sessions, courses and Sunday morning activities. Follow this link to register for this season


There are many training opportunities for Youth members. The first course is the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). Anyone can do this course but it is primarily designed for the U14s or any U15s new to surf life saving. For all U17s, there is a Bronze Medallion course, this course builds on the skills learnt in your SRC. You must be 15 years of age to sit the exam. There are also First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Training Course (ARTC) and Silver Medallion courses run by SLSWA.  Please refer to for more information about courses and how to register. At the beginning of each season there are a few requalification days for members to renew their qualifications for SRC, Bronze Medallion and ARTC, please refer to the weekly club newsletter at the beginning of the season for dates.


There are two great camps on offer to our Youth run by SLSWA. Check out

  • Rise Up Camp

Rise-Up Camp caters for 15 and 16 year old members. This camp provides an opportunity for members to participate in a wide range of physical and social activities that will develop personal leadership skills.

Age Group: U17s

Date: Monday 16 – Thursday 19 December 2024

Location: SLSWA Development Centre, Margaret River 

Cost: $400.00 (inc GST) per person

  • Teamwork, Opportunity and Development (TOAD) Camp

The TOAD Camp is a development program open to 13 and 14 year old members. The camp is designed to expose participants to a variety of skills and activities that will enhance and encourage their development within our organisation.

Age Group: U14s and U15s

Date: Monday 6 – Thursday 9 January 2025

Location: SLSWA Development Centre, Margaret River 

Cost: $400.00 (inc GST) per person

Nominations are now open for the SLSWA TOAD (u14/15’s) and Rise up camps (u17’s) In December 2024 and January 2025. If you would like to be considered for a place please email the youth team on with why you think you should be selected for the camp.

Youth Patrols

Patrols commence in October.  For details, go to to find your patrol and roster. Remember if you cannot make your patrol you must find a proxy. To help you with this there is a closed Facebook group called City Patrol Proxies. If you have any questions about your patrol, email Nat Speer our Patrol Officer at

The surf club provides many training opportunities in beach running, surf sports, IRB, R&R, first aid, Pool Series and surf boats. Go to the City of Perth SLSC website to see the full training schedule for all levels

Youth Leaders Program

Developed to complement SLSWA’s Youth Program, the Youth Leaders Program (YLP) offers youth members the opportunity to formally record their experiences and service and receive recognition for doing so.

The YLP entails three levels – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – for youth members to work towards achieving. Each level stipulates certain requirements and experiencing of various roles associated with surf lifesaving.

By creating well-rounded members with broad experiences across a range of disciplines, we will ensure that surf life saving offers ‘something for everyone’ and lifelong participation pathways for all.

Head to for more information!