Our patrolling members are required to maintain a minimum level of education and proficiency in order to carry out patrols effectively. We aim to achieve as high a standard of education as possible, and actively encourage all of our Club members (Active or not) to continue in their education to obtain higher than minimum Awards.

To become involved as an active patrolling members in the surf club you will need to undertake some training, whether you are helping out at Nippers on a Sunday morning, hoping to join our Volunteer Life Savers patrol City Beach or wish to up skill in certain areas to enable you to climb the patrol structure ladder.

All enquiries about obtaining any of these awards and education courses should be directed to the club office

All you need to know about Education

What qualifications can I get?
There is a broad variety of Awards which can be attained through the Club Education system including (but not limited to):


  • Nipper Rescue Certificate (NRC) – nipper rescue certificate for parents/guardians who wish to become involved in their children’s programme.  We strongly recommend that all parents undertake this course as the club has to fulfil certain ratios to comply with safety requirements.
  • Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) – 13-15 youth members or nipper parents.  Skills taught include CPR, first aid, signals and surf awareness.
  • Bronze Medallion – the base SLSA Award for Senior Membership and all active members.  Skills taught include radio operation, CPR, first aid and surf rescues.
  • First Aid – An important Award for all Club members, providing a more advanced level of first aid than the Bronze Medallion and an important stepping stone to more senior Awards.
  • Advanced Resuscitation – As the name suggests, we strongly encourage all senior members to attain this Award as it provides invaluable skills which can be used in many life situations.
  • IRB Crew – the minimum award required to carry out crew duties aboard the IRB.
  • IRB Driver (Silver Medallion) – required to be able to drive the IRB’s.
  • Silver Medallion Beach Management – provides a variety of skills which will assist in effectively performing Patrol Captain duties.
  • Trainer and Assessor (WA) – enables to you to impart the skills which you have acquired onto newer/younger members looking to gain their awards.
What is involved?
Courses range from 1 day through to (sometimes) a couple of months, depending on the specific Award. Most awards will require some level of practical training in the water as well as some theory training. Online course content is also being quickly developed to minimise the length of time taken to complete theory components.
How do I qualify?
All course participants must be current financial club members and able to fulfil any prerequisites which might apply.


Details of pre-requisite for all courses are available via this link  SLS Australia Education Pathways.

If you have any questions, contact the Club.

How often to I need to do requals?
Depends on the qualification, usually annually by the 31 December
My bronze medallion expired more than 5 years ago, do I have to do it again?
If your bronze has expired for more than 5 year you will need to undertake a gap analysis and cover those areas of the course that have changed.  Between 3 and 5 years you have to undertake an in-depth requalification.
Can I become a trainer?
If you currently hold a Bronze Medallion and are a financial member then YES YOU CAN.


We are actively seeking new Trainers and Assessors so please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to get you qualified as a Trainer. If you have previously qualified as a Trainer and would like to become involved in training again please let us know.

Is there a timetable?
We are currently working to develop a more robust Course Calendar.

Please watch out for this in the coming weeks within the weekly Newsletter.

I am not a good swimmer. How else can I be involved?
Swimming is only essential for water-based courses, so you can still do:

  • First Aid
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
  • Pain Management
  • Competition Official

Come and have a chat and we can discuss the options with you.