City of Perth has one of the premier competitive beach training squads in Australia, having achieved many state and national titles in the sprints, flags, and relays. However, the squad has a strong social and inclusive culture; welcoming members of all fitness levels, abilities, and ages 14 and above. This diversity is currently represented in the squad, featuring both world champions and those enjoying the sociable benefits of the group.


The beach sprint event involves a 70 – 90 metre run across soft sand. The City Sprint squad trains at City Beach, nearby parks, and on athletics tracks.


Beach flags is a knockout event testing speed, strategy and agility. Competitors begin lying on their stomach, before racing to stand, turn, and sprint 20m to retrieve a ‘flag’ (a short piece of hose).
Flags competitors train with the City Sprint squad, with most beach competitors participating in both events.


The City Sprint squad has achieved tremendous success in the beach relay event, gaining several state and national titles. Relay teams are formed from those training as a part of the City Sprint squad.

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