Our patrolling members are required to maintain a minimum level of education and proficiency in order to carry out patrols effectively. We aim to achieve as high a standard of education as possible, and actively encourage all our Club members (Active or not) to continue in their education to obtain higher than minimum Awards.

2023/2024 Patrol Teams

2023/2024 Patrol dates

2023 / 2024 Requalification Dates

Requalification dates for the 2023/24 season are coming soon.

All you need to know about Patrols

When does Patrol season start?
Patrols commence the first weekend of October.  To patrol you need to be a fully financial member of the club, please renew your membership in good time.
How do I get onto a Patrol?
Towards the end of your SRC/Bronze course, the Patrol Officer will come and have a chat about your patrolling responsibilities. Once your final assessment has been completed your names will be forwarded to the Patrol Officer who will add you to a patrol.

If you are transferring from another club and already have the required qualifications to patrol, the office will inform the Patrol Officer who will put you in a team.

Roster and dates can then be found on this page.

Do I need a Working with Children Check?
Yes, if you are over 18 years old, then you need to obtain a WWC.  Forms are available from the office.
How do I get my uniform?
The Patrol Officer has all the uniform which comprises shirt, shorts, patrol cap and wide brimmed sun hat.  Towards the end of your course, whether that be SRC or Bronze, your trainer will ask you to complete a uniform request form.  A couple of days later your uniform can be collected from the Office.
How do I find out who I’m on patrol with and the dates?

This information is at the top of this page.

What do I do on Patrol?
There are a wide variety of tasks which need to be carried out during patrol these include but are not limited to:

  • surveillance,
  • talking and educating the beach going public about the local dangers on the beach,
  • roving by foot and in the ATV ensuring our 2.5 km stretch of beach is safe,
  • first aid,
  • on the job training including scenarios and radio checks.
What happens if I can’t do my patrol?
It is imperative that you find a proxy with the same or higher qualification.  Ask to join the closed Facebook group City Patrol Proxies.

This Facebook group has proved a very effective way to finding someone to cover your patrol. Alternatively ask around the club or as a last resort contact the Patrol Officer.

How do I do a Proxy?
Easy, just rock on down to the club at the start of the patrol and introduce yourself to the Patrol Captain.  They will then ensure that you are correctly signed in and are included in all the patrol activities.
What happens if I miss a patrol and haven’t found a proxy?
You will need to make up the hours that you miss.  If, for example you miss 4 hours of patrol you need to make up 6 hours. For full down hours rules click here

Failure to attend the rostered patrol times has the following consequences:

  1. The member goes down hours at the rate of time and a half (e.g. for a missed full patrol this requires 7 hours 5 minutes to be undertaken as a make up);
  2. Down hours of more than 4 hours 45 minutes (which is a full patrol) must be made up by doing a full patrol;
  3. Any remaining down hours must be made up in one block either at the beginning or end of a patrol;
  4. Down hours cannot be made up on Sundays before 11am;
  5. In addition, the member must submit on the provided Application Down Hours form to the Patrol Officer, for consideration by Beach Committee or nominated persons, why the member failed to attend and how they will meet their commitments in the future.
  6. Following the determination, if the member has the Active Senior or Under 19 discounted gym membership of $48, that membership will be suspended if it is decided that patrol obligations are not going to be met.


How can I find out how many hours I have done?
Members are often interested in a record of their hours for the Patrol Season, require hours for community service awards or are thinking of patrol hour requirements for the competition season.

You can access all your Patrol Hour information by going to your Member Portal Account here. This is the account you created with Surf Life Saving Australia when you did your membership.