SLSA have introduced new theory requirements for member’s annual proficiency. They address industry updates that have occurred in the previous 12 months, and the actual requirement on members is just to watch a video and answer 4 questions– however to get there takes just as long. You will need a SLS Members Area login. The steps are as follows:
then “eLearning” (from top menu bar), then “Log into eLearning”, then “My Training” (from side menu).

Bronze members should have two modules, Theory (SM 2022/23) and Skills Maintenance 2022/23 Bronze Medallion (BM) Theory. (Other award holders, such as SRC, ART and IRB are also in there).
First choose “Theory (SM 2022/23).” This is a very short video that highlights recent changes in the Surf Lifesaving. Once you have watched the video, its status becomes “completed”.

Then choose “Skills Maintenance 2022/23 Bronze Medallion (BM) Theory” This goes straight to an assessment, based on what was discussed in the video above. There are just four questions. I would suggest that the following may assist.

  • IMIST AMBO is the acronym to be used for a clear concise constructed handover to emergency services. (I is for identification, M is for mechanism of injury. I is for injuries, S is for signs, T stands for treatment and trends. A is for allergies. M is for medications. B stands for background. O is for other information.)
  • An extended arm-roll over should be executed in shallow water.
  • A log roll is an accepted method to turn a victim onto their side to allow for placement or removal of a spinal board, to facilitate the victim who is vomiting, and to facilitate clearance of a spinal victims’ blocked airway. Remember that a conscious victim with suspected spinal injuries should not be left on a rigid spinal board for an extended time period.
  • An Anapen is required to be held against the outer mid-thigh for 3 seconds.

If you are coming to one of the Annual Proficiency sessions, 9.00am – 11.00am on the below dates, please try doing this on-line theory first. I am not sure, as yet, how it will affect our requal admin processes, but in the interest of getting you proficient once again, give it a go.
Sunday 6 November  
Sunday 13 November
Sunday 27 November
Sunday 11 December
See you on the beach starting Sunday 6 November.

Steve Reynolds – City of Perth SLSC Proficiency Coordinator