Skills maintenance checks are necessary to:

  • ensure ongoing competency of members in their area of training and activities
  • maintain the standards of knowledge and expertise of surf life savers
  • satisfy legal and statutory requirements
  • reinforce and maintain our service commitment to the bathing and beach going community

As you probably know any member who is not proficient by the 31 December, or has not completed appropriate awards shall not be allowed to:

  • perform patrols
  • operate rescue craft or
  • compete in surf lifesaving competitions,

Until such time as they are proficient.

Those who have not been proficient for more than 12 months, may require additional updates.

Summary of Proficiency requirements for this season.

Members need to demonstrate the following depending on their qualifications.  The ELearning section on the members portal has some really useful course material for updating you knowledge before attending a session.

If you complete the ART proficiency that will cover the resuscitation section of the bronze.

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (ART)

  • Resuscitation
  • Provide Oxygen
  • Oropharyngeal Airways
  • Control Life threatening Bleeding

Bronze Medallion (BZ)

  • Run, Swim, Run (200m,200m,200m in 8 Minutes)
  • Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Rescue
  • Radio Operation
  • Spinal Management
  • Signals
  • Tourniquets

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

  • Run, Swim, Run (100m,100m,100m in 5 Minutes)
  • Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Rescue
  • Radio Operation
  • Signals

WA Nipper Rescue Certificate (NRC)

  • 200m swim in 6 minutes or less
  • Tube rescue as per the SRC requirements
  • Demonstrate all signals covered in the course (8)

Powercraft Awards

The requirements generally involve demonstrating:

  • Pre and post operational checks
  • Driving or Crewing skills in the relevant power craft.
  • Rescues and return casualty to shore.

Powercraft Proficiencies will be managed by the Assessors in the Powercraft Section.

Other Awards

Proficiencies for other awards will be established on a club needs basis.

Source: SLSWA Circular – SLSWA Skills Maintenance Checks (Proficiency) Requirements for 2023-24 Season Document 19 of 2023/24