I tallied up to 44km of fun on Sunday morning. 2km longer than I had signed up for, and 43.5km longer than I was good for. This was my second Coolangatta Gold and I was in vastly different shape to my first in 2014. Both in the literal and fitness sense. The training routine, I wouldn’t recommend, but I was typically training three to five sessions a week. I’d do one 2-3 hour ironman session on Sunday mornings. This session was typically with friend and City of Perth Alumni – John Williams (who also raced coming 27th). We tried to shift that session around Perth to keep things fresh and exciting for ourselves.

The day prior, we had dozens of gel shots, Powerade powder floating all around the apartment to get our nutrition sorted for race day. We focused on keeping off our feat. We knew we need them for the final 8km sand run the next day. (Unfortunately, that run ended up being closer to 9km.) Logistics and support. This is a crucial part of the Gold. Getting a ski, board and paddle to the Gold Coast can be a nightmare. Luckily, I had a superstar support team. Tommy Gallagher (former City member & and Japan 2020 Bronze Medalist) and his Dad, John, organised skis and boards for us on the day. They also handled and paddled beside me during the 3.5km swim.

To round out the support team I had Gabby Murphy (soon to be Gabby Retty) as hydration specialist. Passing me fluids between each leg. I could not have started (or finished) without the support team. The race starts with a 23km ski. With six Nutri-Grain athletes, the pace was horrifyingly quick straight away. Who would’ve guessed that the front guys wouldn’t slow down too much either.

I was lucky enough to find wash for both the ski and the 7.5km board leg. But by the time I got around to the run. That luck had truly run out. With no where to hide, I just tried my best to keep putting one foot ahead of the other. Keeping my head down, it’d become too disheartening to even try looking for the turnaround point on the horizon. Total time in motion equaled – 4 hours and 45minutes. 21st out of 31. and I’m working out what training could look for next year.

PS.My legs are still sore
PPS. I’m certain more training in the lead up would be a good idea.