The City Club iron/water/ski squads are hosting a club training camp in Lancelin. Youth to seniors all welcome on Saturday 15 October (extending to Sunday 16 October for seniors) at the Lancelin Back Beach, Lancelin from 9.00am.

9.00am               Training
12.00pm             Lunch
1.00pm               Group activity (to be advised)
4.00pm               Training
6:30pm               Dinner for those staying at the Lancelin Pub

9.00am Training and skills session (Potential downwind ski paddle for seniors)

Whilst the water squad has planned the training camp, it is open to all sections of the club. Saturday is the main day. For those not wanting to stay overnight, come up for the day, or just part of it, we would love as many people as possible to come!All sections of the club are welcome and encouraged to come along.

If you have an interested group email Leigh by 5 October.