Leigh began his lifesaving journey back in 1971 at City of Perth SLSC, an 11 year old boy from the country who had great running ability but was not as great a swimmer. Leigh went on to win his first open state sprint title at 16 years old, which is his most memorable moment to date because it was totally unexpected.
Being an athlete and now coach, Leigh’s hidden talent is being able to re-invent himself to stay relevant. He completed his Exercise & Sports Science degree in his 50s and adapts his training to accommodate the changes in sports. He creates an environment that athletes want to come to because it is enjoyable, and from there motivation grows within the squad. Leigh is also thankful for his senior role models in the squad who lead by example!
One thing Leigh would tell his younger self is “Be prepared to commit the time and effort to achieve your passion. It’s ok to fall short, but it’s not ok to fall short having not given a full effort”.”