Board paddling is one of the three core disciplines of the surf ironman, as well as a competitive stand-alone event. Nippers commence board paddling at a young age on a foam board, before progressing to Mini Mals and later the Racing Mals.
The senior board squad trains all-year round; training predominantly on the river in winter and at the beach in summer.
The squad is open to all abilities from Under 14 upwards.


Ski paddling is the second discipline of the surf ironman, but also features in events such as the single and double ski races. Youth usually start ski paddling in their first year of U17s, however, the squad is open to beginners of all ages! The ski squad is the most diverse in age, currently featuring members from age 16 to 60.
The ski squad trains at both the river and the beach (the location is usually weatherdependent).


Swimming is a primary aspect in many lifesaving events, the pool rescue competition, and surf Ironperson. It is also featured in the surf race, which requires competitors to wade across the sandbank, swim around a set of buoys, and return to shore.
Many City of Perth SLSC swimmers train with Rick Turner at HBF stadium on weekday mornings. The squad is open to all ages and abilities; and also includes triathletes, water polo players, and open water swimmers. In summer, there are often swim sessions run at the beach in the afternoon.


Surf Ironman incorporates a board leg, a ski leg and a swim leg with a short soft sand run between each. Iron competitors usually form the base of the board, ski and swim squads, although also partake in dedicated iron sessions once or twice weekly.

For more information contact surfsports@cityofperthslsc.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where does training take place?

The training schedule changes regularly based on the time of season. Typically, swimming sessions take place in the morning while craft trainings (board and ski) take place in the evening. Upon contact, the Surf Sports Director will be able to provide you with the current training schedule.

Do I have to be an ironman or ironwoman to participate in board and ski training?

Definitely not!It is common for a competitor to train only on the ski orboard. At Ironperson trainings, the coach usually provides alternatives for those only participating in one or two disciplines.

I do not have any skills or experience – can I still come along?

All ages and abilities are welcome. Training is a fun and sociable way to develop your fitness and surf awareness. Many members of the squad joined later in life or come from a non-surf background.